Automatic Lessons

No gears? no problem

  • Automatic cars with dual controls.
  • No clutch or stalling
  • Gears are changed automatically as you drive
  • Lets you focus on the road and not the gears

Automatic Driving Lessons for Cork (City & County)

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Our automatic lessons have become more and more popular over the last few years, with many of our clients not wanting the hassle or the stress of learning to drive a manual car when they are confident they will go straight to driving automatic once they pass their test. We help you skip that and teach you to drive from the beginning to you pick up all the good habits involved with automatic cars that make them differ from a manual, and help you drop the bad habits before they develop into problems or even worse, accidents. There are huge differences with an automatic car vs a manual car, the main one being you don't have to change gear when driving as the automatic transmission does this for you, however there are other differences such as braking distances, emergency stops, distance between your car and the car in front, and many more aspects your instructor will teach you

Driving an automatic car also allows you to concentrate more on the road and traffic infront and around you than on your primary controls, which is a huge advantage when driving in a busy city or in congested traffic. Our automatic lessons can be adapted to your pace and wishes and abilities - we are accustomed to helping a lot of disabled users regain their confindence and mobility.!

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